A lot better with a lot less

Newspapers are great hunting grounds for those interested in collective psychological phenomena. Whenever I am traveling, it is part of my morning cafe & croissant ritual- to read local newpapers in order to feel the pulse and
get a sense on how evolution of the human spirit is progressing in that particular time & space field.
Today, as I was reading El Pais  -Spain’s principal daily newpaper/ periodico –I hit upon a poignant heading on the very last page (always the Piscian page of a paper, ending the cylce).. It quoted a contempary French philosopher said the following (of course in Spanish):

Podemos vivir mucho mechor con mucho menos .
This would translate to:
We can live much better with much less.

Not that I want to start a dogmatisk muesli discussion here, but:
 that man has a really good point. Not just ecologically speaking, but also in regard to the general relationship of the material world and the psyche.
 It  was reminded about one of the major prevailing  collective misunderstanding that a reduction of  consumption and ”having”  will in consequence entail a reduction of qualitiy of Living, or quality of Life.
What a fatal misconception. And somewhat typical of the unredeemed aspects of our time-space, as people in general have a hard time differentiating between quantity and quality, content and form.  That is why people cry ” oh, no ! I can’t do with LESS ! I always must have more. ” That is the credo of consumerism. And credo means: belief. Collective belief systems….
Most people live their lifes unconsciously out of the  assumption that more (=quantity) is better (=quality).  That’d really be like mixing up organic apples from a wild tree with computers from Sicicon Valley. (Personally, I have eaten organic apples in Silicon Valley, but that is a totally different story…)
In the type of (trans-)personal psychology I have been developing over the years (or rather: decade, if not: incarnations ), I find it more and more meaningful to help people bring consciousness into the quality aspects of their Life. Even though that may sound a bit pathetic, this work is really about making the shift from quantity paradigm to quality. Simple examples: one glass of really good wine is much better –on all levels- than four. Or: being really present with your child for five minutes  can be a lot more meaningfull that five hours without really connecting.  Etc.
I am relatively sure that is will be one of the major paradigm shifts that will occur in the near future.  In fact, it is already happening on many levels. More and more people will realise how they can live with much less AND at the same time have a better – i.e:  happier, more fullfilled, more sense-making- Life, overall.