Rythms & Balances

For many years now, I have been reflecting and working on establishing Rythms of Life that aim at evolving  individual growth within the field of everyday experience. One could call it a sort of neo-behavioural type of psychological work. The general idea behind it is that the human being can grow both from the inside out (=work  interally with the psyche and it will eventually reflect in the individuals external life) AND from the outside in,  the latter being the approach described – or rather: hinted at- here. Outside-in refers to consciously and ritually (= a ritual being – in my book- a ”conscious symbolic act”) bringing  into a concrete behavioural form .One could call this a realization in the double sense of the word: a) you realize = like: become aware and b) you realize = like: make it real by enacting it in reality.  By this realization the external enactment would feed-back positively into the psyche, thus transforming it, outside in.
Ok, you got it.

This on-going experiment has been conducted both in my personal life and in my on-going work with patients. The themes of rythm and balances are closely related here: finding individually befitting rythms is a wonder-full and one of the most powerful means to create balance . Formulated inversively: my impression is that many (if not: most) people suffer from a lack of a balance in their everyday lifes, becomes their rythms are ”off”. Thus one falls out of rythm with one self (personally) and one’s  larger (transpersonal) Self.
         One of the major axises that seem to be out of equilibrium ( a fab word- worth noting that it implies that balance automatically creates freedom.  The word’s centerpiece
”librium” means freedom)  is the polar pair of ”everyday reality and non-everyday life. Another word for non- everyday life would be holidays. All holidays are holy-days, potentially. Not that everyday reality is un-holy in any way. But my impression is that most people live in an unhealthy (health = whole= holy) balance of everyday reality and holy-days. Of course, these days the (un-) balance tips for most people in the direction of ”everyday reality”( for the astrologically minded: we are talking abouth the axis 6.-12 field, or:  Virgo-Pisces). Archetypically it is quite evident: any axis in balance has equally much weight placed on each side of the scale. This thesis might sound quite  radical to a lot of people, but really, it is quite logical if one principally can follow the arguments put forth here:
Put into a quality-quantity equation, this would translate to the following:

Every human being needs just as much holy-days in their lifes as they need every-day reality.

We are talking 50-50, both in the larger (year/month) and smaller (day, week) rythms. Yes, this is where the rythms enter the picture. As mentioned, the rythms would be what translates this equation into Life, thus hopefully creating a balanced flow of in & out, on & off, real & Ueber-real.
I could go on about this for quite a while, minum the length of a medium sized book. But I will not today, as my rythm now requires an ”off”.
         As for you, it might thus be a good start to ask your Self how much time you allocate to each side of the axis. In the name of your larger indivduation, I recommend you to be ruthlessly honest with yourself.
Remember: the only person you are fooling, is your Self.  

From a Neptunian  beach, facing Africa.