Living in the ”Fast Lane

Astrologically, we are traversing the Scorpio period right now. One of the central themes of this archetype is learning to let go of whatever is ”too much” (often the inner Taurus has accumulated). To avoid misunderstandings: Everyone of us has the Scorpio archetyp in their charts (and thus: their lifes) in a significant way, via:
a)  the sign of Scorpio (I have yet not seen one chart that had it cut out of the Zodiac !)
b)  the planet of Pluto
c)   the eighth house
One way to constructively and voluntarily live the principle would be to fast. Fasting has existed as a spiritual excercise in all tradtion in order to cleanse the individual, and thus prepare the grounds for something new, a next step in the larger evolution of Self.
Few people today are willing and have the discipline to go through a fasting process. We are so used to always stuffing ourselves –and in addtion (ab-)using food for stuffing psychological holes, that it feels ”too hard”.
Personally, I have gone –especially in my younger days – through quite a few fasting periods. Mostly I have done ”zero food” fasts , only drinking water and herbal teas, over a week. Once, as a 16 year old, I went through a 6 week period of fasting, as part of a larger cleasing process. This may sound a bit extreme – and it was, alt least the 6 week stunt. I am not temped to repeat it now and astrologically, this is not my path any longer.
But – and here comes my suggestion to you- it might be really usefull BOTH physcially AND psychologically to fast in one way or the other from time to time. I’d say: at least once a year, if not twice. The periods best suited for the would be Scorpio and Pisces (or Taurus). Spring and Fall would be a good start.
One could chose to drop one ingredient that one ”cannot do without” (psychologically). Some good examples would be:

Sugar. Alcohol. Gluten. Meat.
(or several over them in combination)

Those words sound and look rather of unspectacular  on the page. But in reality, not to use them for a while would be quite a feat. In a ”drop-an-ingredient-fast” I’d suggest to do it minimum a month, if it is meant to have any effect at all.
And it ’s quite interesting to observe what this does with you, your body, your soul.
Physically you can be sure, it will lighten your load  significantly (no matter if one weights too much or not, that is not  any main point in this context). It might also be that some chronic illness (an allergy, or s,.th. along those lines) begins to shift.
         And psychologically, of course it is very interesting to see what happens if lets go of certain compensation anchors.
         Time to let go of writing and get moving.