Therapy on Your Larger Self

Mystics have always known and claimed that the seperation between the object and the subject is merely an illusion. ”I ” and ”other” er ultimately the same. Or rather: share a Oneness, are part of a larger whole. Of course, we don’t perceive reality to be as such. Our brain always splits between ”me and the other”, and believes in this illusion as a truth. Or rather a true-ism.
This is an interesting concept to take into the therapy room. Well, who are you as a therapist then working with ? Who are you ”helping” or ”healing”, if the ”other” is a part of your larger Self ?
Exactly, you are just as-well working on your Self when you are working therapeutically with those you perceive to be the others !  Face it: you are doing therapy for/on your Self.
So you might just as well drop the idea that you are only working for/with the other. You are doing it just as much for your Self. And I mean directly with your Self, not just by ”learning something” for you own process by being a therapist.
A fun and enlarging perspective, that transpersonally makes total sense.