The Nature of Irritation

We all get irritated sometimes. Or rather: all the time, on some level. Small  irritations, major ones and loads of shades of grey in-between. Taking into consideration how much space and energy the issue consumes, it is truly amazing how litte we consciously reflect on the true nature  irritation. Most people ”simply get irritated” and then spent a lot of time fighting what they perceive to be the ”source” of the irritation. Which , of course,  always lies outside oneself.  It’s always the other(s), that is/are causing the irritation. Like with most human consensus reality perceptions, life’s deeper nature is not what is seems to be at first glance. The ”others” –that we perceive to be the sources of teh irritation-are only the messengers of  a larger intelligence. Within the core of the irritiation they deliver, there is a message, a learning, a developement waiting to happen. No irritation has ever occured that did not carry a deeper meaning in it. For the astrologically- minded a little archetypical pointer: irritation is related to the  Aquarius principle. It represents a lower (not very low, but still under the threshold of the plus + side) form of Aquarius/Uranus.  This the solution of the irriation is thus automatically implied within the archetypical field: the lifting up of the archetype over the threshold, into a more redeemed plane of existence. My suggestion would be to transform the irriation into the equally aquarian, though NOT entangled, DETACHMENT. Another way of phrasing it: irritation is always an unredeemed  attachment. Meaning: whenever one is irritated one is attached to a particular idea of how something should be, according –of course-to one’s ego wishes, the false king (180 degrees on the other side of Aquarius). In other words: this is all about the axis Leo-Aquarius.  Whenever there is too much Leo (and thus ego attachment to a particular outcome), there is too little Aquarius-detachment on the other side of the axis. This creates an imbalance. And all imbalances always strives towards the reestablishment of a balance. At that point in time & space,  the irritating situation or person is introduced as a new player, a messenger from the Larger Self, into one’s life. The irritation’s meaning is to teach the ego to become less attached, to grow beyong its customary ego boundaries and restrictions. The person/situation will thus continue to irritate until the lesson is learned. The ego has a tendency to fail to see the  larger purpose of(or: with-in ?) the irriation, because it is entangled in its own subjectivity. But the larger meaning, which is objective,  a) know always better (fortunately) and b) always has the last word (meaning,  our ego cannot win this battle on the long run. At ”best” it can score a temporary victory , but this victory will sooner or later evaporate. As the saying goes: won a battle, lost the war.So better not fight this war at all. It it surely much smarter to invest one’s energy in transforming the false kings misunderstandings ….as the divine fool, the trickster has always suggested.