Past and Future in Equilibrium

  The great Roman philosopher Cicero is know to have said: « not to know about one´s past means to remain a child forever «. One could read this statement on several levels: historically -knowing the past
of a country, its historical background in order to understand its current politcal and social landscape, psychological- being aware of the factors that shaped one´s childhood, astrologically- understanding your karmic past, your outdated software that is waiting to be replaced, family-systemically- getting in touch with your genealogy, the traumas and potentials of your for-mothers and for-fathers, etc..
No matter on which level one choses to read the statement, it holds true. Not being aware, conscious, mindfull of the forces that have brought you to where and who you are, obstructs the future -and becoming an adult, in the most positive sense of the word. Past and future are two sides of ONE scale. When they are in balance, you arrive where all mystics claim one needs to go, the eternal Here & Now, the place where neither past nor future – and thus no time- exist. And the way to get there, would be to bring the past and the future into an equilibrium.
And as we always come from the past, already «own it», one would have to start working from that end of the scale. Being hooked to an unconscious past, would keep the scale tipped into the direction of the past and bring the future into a deficit. A future in deficit would translate into a future that keeps reenacting itsself with the shadows of the past hanging over it. This dark cloud would give the future an continous taste of feeling «under the weather». To come back to Cicero´s quote- one would for example psychologically continue to react to situations in the future out of the psychological wounds of the past, thus spoiling the future. Well, you get the picture.
Time for a jump into the lake (one hour outside of Berlin in the eco-village of Brodowin).