Father, Son

Over the years, I have developed a deep respect for the magical potentials inherent in every family tree.Those deep reaching roots of ancestry are more tightly and deeply woven into each other than we can possibly imagine. Conventional (and even more advanced systems) psychology has it all  wrong:  in essence family trees are NOT about  the entanglement, NOT about the baggage that is passed down through the generations. It´s about the exact contrary: it ´s about the gifts. Every single ancestor, deepvdown the line, holds a specific gift for the next generations, and is intent to individuals to discover, unravel, make use of the gifts. Also here my basic assumption to all so-called problems applies: all problems are nothing but yet unrealized potentials. Period.
In that spirit: here is a song/video av Peter Gabriel that involves several generations of his family tree. The song in itself to symbolize a realizing and understanding of the link of the  potentials as they are passed from generation to generation. .