To a certain degree it is possible to control one´s shadow. The ego is capable to hold the lurking shadows under lock and key. This is primarily done unconsciously. But shadows have a tendency to accumulate over time. That is: if they are not aired out, ventilated and- best of all: resolved by a genuine transformation of growth.
Once the shadow has swollen to a certain size and crossed a particular threshold, it has outgrown the ego´s controll mechanisms. It becomes uncontrollable and starts to act out. This can manifest itself in a variety of forms of psychosis, all of them rather unpleasant, but – mark my words, as this perspective largely differs from common medical opinion- necessary. The necissity
stems from the objective, the transpersonal, that – as the name connotates- overides, if necessary, the needs of the subjective in order to enforce a larger order, namely: the cosmic law of Self-developement. Each shadow s no less than a crucial missing piece in the individual´s larger puzzle, a vital potential that is only acting out in an unredeemed form in order to be noticed so that it eventually can be literally realised, i.e. made real by becoming a living creative power. That is why
the individual´s ignorance sometimes (or often ?), after many soft and kind «knockings on the door»
needs a heftier wake-up call in the form of shadowy title waves that are beyond its controll.